Monday, February 21, 2011

Blogging 411

Hello all...or no one. To anyone who has even considered or thought about starting a blog, DON'T DO IT! I'm only kidding, but be ready to suffer through confusion, rage, and impatience. In all truth I think blogs are quite interesting and intriguing. Many uses for them...

1. A way to get by from not talking to relatives on the phone
2. Express emotional drainage
3. Just addicted to any social internet site (i.e. Blogspot, Facebook, Twitter, and the oh so remembered MySpace)
4. Post stalker-like pics of celebrities
5. Practicing to be the future Seymour Hersh of the New York Times

Whatever the reason may be...creating the blog itself might have been the most difficult thing I have ever done. But thanks to the many people who helped...(Lauren). Why can't it be as easy as Facebook or as simple has uploading a picture on Twitter?? Well..because blogs are for people who take pride in writing and have the patience even knowing the fact that no may ever read a single post. So..ready to create your own blog?! Here are my simple easy steps to do it and what would of put me out of my misery.

How to make your blog:

1. Go to and click the ORANGE box that says get started

2. Start making your new account, as in put in your e-mail and set a password

3. Choose your subject (refer to 5 uses listed above)

4. Go to edit profile to upload photo, post display name, personal info

5. Need a template now? (Which is the background) Go to view profile then click on your blog. Then at the top right corner click on design. There is where you will do mostly everything to your new awesome blog.

6. In the top left corner it will say template designer. Click on it!

7. Under background you can upload your own photo or choose from their selection.

8. Under adjust widths, that is where you center a header, make blog space wider, or make the sides more narrow.

9. Back on the design page there is a box that reads gadget. That is where you will add your own pictures or text. The gadget HTML/JavaScript is where you put codes, such as internet pictures or site backgrounds. Such as That is where I got my background. The gadget picture is where you can upload a picture from your computer or from the web.

10. Ready to post! Go to dashboard at the top right corner and go to NEW POST.

Yeah may or may not help. They are very simple instructions but it will help if you were completely clueless like me. I'm stoked to start my blogs even if I only have one reader...myself.

I have now completed my first post EVER! And I still feel the same as I did before I wrote it. Until next time.

-A clueless blogger


  1. Wow I'm hooked already! Can't wait to find out what in the world is going on with you!!! I like your number 1 for having a blog!! I'm not so good at it but hey I'll read others! You are now added to the list! Love ya Coz!

  2. Make that at least TWO people to read it religiously, yourself and myself. I do work a sometimes boring job and need a refresher every now and again =].

  3. Woo hoo! Can't wait to see some posts girl! I miss you too!!!! Do we get to see you this summer in Idaho? Hope so :)